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4 Up and Coming Sales Support Tools to Scrutinize

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4 Up and Coming Sales Support Tools to Scrutinize

Sales support software are used by a sales teams to streamline finding leads, reach out to prospects and manage customer service channels.  With companies globally jumping on the bandwagon, you can’t ignore that the software is revolutionizing sales and is arguably your sales team’s best shot at improving productivity. However, I understand that the thought of investing in a sales support platform can be daunting – the biggest and most well-known options in the industry can easily put you back tens, even hundreds of thousands of US dollars even just for a small to mid-sized business! That’s why I’ve decided to compile this list.  Choosing newer, more up and coming platforms is a great way to minimize the financial burden of implementing a new software for your company, whilst not necessarily meaning you have to sacrifice platform performance.

The Sales Support Platforms


Artesian is designed for client-facing B2B professionals, from business development, sales and marketing, to customer service. The platform uses AI and machine-based learning to provide contextual and relevant information on markets, companies and individuals.  The information has more accuracy than what you would garner through a search engine, saving you research time, increasing productivity and helping your client facing teams understand their customers better – Artesian’s powerful sales enablement platform equips your client-facing staff with the insight they need to have relevant and timely conversations with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the sales cycle.

The platforms lets an agent build a prospect list with a couple of clicks and the powerful data collection features enables you to see everything you need to know about a prospective company or industry sector.  In one consolidated view, you can look at an in-depth overview of a company, including financial records and company contacts, furthermore, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on assimilating information and simplify by filtering the view by a particular group, such as by number of employees and directors or financial and credit data and export that list for prospecting.

AI constantly monitors your open pipeline and gives you live updates of any news which may be relevant to your prospects, based on your pre-set preferences – this means that any threats to your deals are highlighted to your agents, allowing for a solution to be promptly put in place.  The AI also gives you insights which may be used by your team to ‘enhance the sell’. 

The platform has a newsfeed that allows you to track topics that are important to your prospects, such as stories about mergers or management changes with the level of potential risk indicated via a color code.  Your team can turn stories, through a click, into a Salesforce task, lead or opportunity or create a calendar appointment through it, creating greater forecast accuracy and meaningful sales engagements.  Agents can even share insights from your newsfeed instantly with other members of the sales team and to your customers, either in their original format or on a bespoke email template.


Rocketbots is a customizable platform, which fully integrates all the messaging mediums which your customers contact you by onto one interface so that you can see all your communications in one place.  The selling point of Rocketbots is that it’s so customizable and that by creating your own platform, you can be sure it is completely applicable to your company’s needs.  The interface lets you keep track of every conversation and user that you speak to, whilst simultaneously viewing user information from their profiles.  What’s more, the real-time analytics displays your true chat volume, the time and days you’re busiest and your team’s engagement progress.

The platform incorporates AI, allowing the most commonly asked queries your help desk receives to be answered instantaneously, freeing up your human agents to answer questions which hold more nuance. Through these conversations, the platform stores all of the data collected so that you can target your leads through other mediums, such as emails. You can see on the dashboard which conversations need to be addressed more pressingly through a rating system, and your sales staff have a window of all previous communications.  You can segment your customers, allowing you to target individuals based on their specific needs far more efficiently. 

There’s the option to broadcast updates or send surveys to your audience, either as a whole or by segment and you can choose to do this instantaneously or schedule it ahead for a set time.  Furthermore, you can use Rocketbots forms to encourage visitors to your website to fill out information which can be used to contact them and determine their personal requirements and preferences, transforming a visit into a new lead.  The platform integrates with a large number of messengers, including Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Kik, allowing for visibility of all the interactions across these channels.


Sellf allows you to see a plethora of information on your customers, all on one screen, including characteristics, deals (open, won and lost), touchpoints, things ‘to do’ and the correlating events scheduled with them.  There’s information showing how individual customers have interacted with your company so far, as well as a history line, which indicates at a glance the frequency and dates/times of these interactions, allowing for you to personalize your future conversations with them. 

The platform gives you smart reminders, notifying you on important events and milestones, from customer anniversaries to important emails which you need to send, meaning that your team never has to worry about a client or lead falling through the cracks.

The platform has excellent on-the-go features – Sellf is fully integrated with Google Maps and can show you a map of where all your customers are in relation to both each other as well as to you. If you’re traveling to visit prospects you can spend your time in the most efficient way possible as the software shows you pin drop icons for all nearby people and open deals and in one tap you can get directions to that customer’s location, allowing you to plan your route accordingly.

You can use filters and tags to organize your customers, meaning you can adjust your approach by segment, improving your leads conversion.  The platform increases your chance of converting website visitors into leads via a lead capture web form which you can decide how to use and what data you wish to collect from.  As the form is fully integrated with the platform, every time someone fills it out you will be notified in real-time and the lead is automatically added to your Sellf account.

The dashboard allows you to set out clear goals for your sales team, with a tracker so that you can see your progress towards each goal, resulting in your team remaining motivated.  The sales campaign builder makes it easy to plan and execute campaigns, tracking the results in real time – you can launch multiple campaigns at once, whilst getting reports on how well your team is performing as well ad identifying reasons why deals are being lost.  You can even gamify your sales – you can create a leaderboard on the platform showing which member of the sales team is reaching the greatest number of their goals, creating a level of friendly competition which should incentivize your employees.  Not only does this mean you can rewards employees which are doing well, but you can easily identify early on which employees are having issues and may need extra training or support.

You can keep your sales CRM up to date in real time, by writing down every interaction with your customer, you can make notes, ‘to dos’ and events for that lead so that you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks.  You can also see on the interface which are your best-selling products and which customers are buying the most from you, giving an indication of the best leads to focus the majority of your resources into.


Cloudlead is a B2B lead generation & data enrichment solution designed to provide B2B companies with high quality and validated leads to boost their sales and marketing campaigns, improve conversions, and close more deals.

Cloudlead is designed to help you find and nurture leads and turn them into fruitful partnerships. The platform summarises data for your company, which you may struggle to find on your own.  This data can be used for all aspects of your business, from sales and marketing to demand generation.  What’s more, from this data, the platform automates the process of identifying multiple decision makers, building a targeted account list and finding key data points for audience segmentation and message personalization.  The software automatically filters leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), saving your sales team all the time which would’ve been spent on research and data entry, whilst allowing you to obtain up-to-date, relevant, reliable and consistent leads flow for your outbound sales, marketing and lead generation.

The Cloudlead team will review your project based on this information and send you all the relevant files via email and if you wish, upload the CVS file of your lists directly to your CRM system.  One of the biggest issues for companies is having to determine which data is and isn’t helpful and Cloudlead, in simple terms, offers clients access to the right data at the right time – the company’s combination of machine learning tools and human researchers ensures your funnel will only be filled with qualified prospects.

You can’t afford to miss out on the advantages which using good sales support software will bring to your sales team.  A company’s sales team needs to be able to operate at the highest possible level in order to ensure the best financial health for an organization as a whole.  These 4 companies are all great options if you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales team, whilst not breaking the bank by paying out for the market leaders.

Gerardo Salandra

Gerardo Salandra

Gerardo Salandra is the CEO of Rocketbots ( An IBM & Google veteran, with deep expertise in growth hacking, machine learning, and chatbots. Chairman of the AI Society of Hong Kong, promoting the development and understanding of AI technologies in the Region.

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