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Rocketbots Chat Automation Platform for Messaging Apps and Live Chat

Messaging CRM. AI Smart Replies. Chat Automation. Targeted Broadcasts.*

The tools you need to keep chat quick and powerful.
Messaging CRM

All your messaging apps, organized in one place. Ready to build profiles & make segments.

AI Smart Replies*

AI that learns from your messages in 15+ languages including English, Spanish & Chinese.*

Chat Automation*

Triggers to help chats get started and follow-ups to keep conversations moving forward.*

Targeted Broadcasts*

Tools to craft and deliver beautiful messages to the right people at the right time.*

Instant Messaging for Business CRM
Messaging CRM

Your Messaging App Contacts In One Place

Contacts created for every user that chats with your messaging app accounts letting you explore, enrich and segment your audiences for automation, broadcasts & more.

  • Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • All Messaging Apps
  • Unified Customer Profile
AI-powered Replies*

Your Thoughtful Responses Delivered by AI*

Self-learning artificial intelligence that accelerates your conversations with customers by putting the right answers at your fingertips while completely automating your FAQs.*

  • No Setup Required
  • Clickable Smart Replies*
  • Automated Responses*
  • 15+ Languages Supported
Artificial Intelligence Responses | Automatic Reply
Marketing Automation for Messaging Apps and Live Chat
Chat Automation*

Guidance and Diligence Crafted With Automation*

Triggers and rules to build a guided experience for every new contact, collect data from your chats and follow up with conversations that have been missed or ignored.*

  • Automated Triggers*
  • Action-driven Rules
  • Data Collection Surveys
  • Re-engaging Messages*
Targeted Broadcasts*

Mass Messages That Engage Your Contacts*

Send targeted broadcast messages directly to your customers messaging apps, concise campaigns that prompt customers and more to engage with your content or you.*

  • Rich-media Messages*
  • Scheduled Delivery*
  • Granular Targeting*
  • Recurring Messages*
Mass send Broadcasts on Messaging Apps and Live Chat

How does it work?

The Self-Learning Chat Platform is Here!

Connect Any Channel

Connect to your customer's preferred messaging apps and engage efficiently with everyone in one centralized, manageable dashboard.

Start Chatting

Just start answering question as you would do on any other live chat platform, broadcasts and surveys delivered directly to their phones.

Automate Conversations*

The AI learns from every conversation. Save time by using smart replies, and relax as the AI confidence increases and replies are automated.

You’re in Good Company

Join over 10,500 businesses who are automating their messaging communication with Rocketbots.

* May not be available for all channels.

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