Chat Automation For All Your Messaging Apps

Manage all your customer chats in one place, with contact management, broadcasts, surveys, and AI-powered messaging.

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Conversation Manager for all your Messaging Apps

Manage all your customer chats in one place, with contact management, broadcasts and surveys.

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Multichannel Help Desk Software

1. Connect Any Channel

Connect to your customer's preferred messaging apps and engage efficiently with everyone in one centralized, manageable dashboard.

Help Desk software

2. Start Chatting

Just start answering question as you would do on any other live chat platform, broadcasts and surveys delivered directly to their phones.

AI help desk

3. Automate Conversations

The AI learns from every conversation. Save time by using smart replies, and relax as the AI confidence increases and replies are automated.

All-in-One Messenger

The only AI powered help desk platform with all your must-have features

Omnichannel Messaging

Bring all of your channels together and manage them from a centralised location.

Shared Inbox

Collect all your conversations in one place and assign chats to your agents.

Contact Management

Keep track of every conversation and build up profiles through powerful analytics.

Smart Replies

Let AI learn from your conversations so it can suggest one-click replies to your FAQs.

Handoff 2-min
Scale support not staff

Harness chat to reduce response times, build close relationships and give 1 agent the power of 20.

  • Handle common questions with AI
  • Broadcast through channels that listen
  • Proactively seek feedback from loyal users
Shared Inbox-min
Enable employees in the field

Create solutions for internal communication that enable remote employees to stay connected and work efficiently.

  • Broadcast urgent information to teams
  • Deliver files and forms on request
  • Incident report through chat
Analytics 2-min
Accelerate conversation and conversion

Sales success increases exponentially if you reply quickly. Build confidence and loyalty.

  • Respond to key questions in seconds
  • Interest based customer segmentation
  • Target to their messenger app of choice
Deploy to messaging channels, or directly to web chat, so you can make the most out of your user outreach. Integrate with DialogFlow and Chatbase to enhance your AI-game.
Launch your brand on every major chat platform to reach more customers and gain exciting prospects. Deploy on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Kik, and more.
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