A comprehensive explanation of all the updates the Rocketbots Platform has in sotre for this release.

5 Ways Companies Are Leveraging Facebook Messenger to Engage With Audiences

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Does AI help or hurt customer service. Well that all depends on how you look at things.

Outsourcing is out, and AI in IN. Here’s how Help Desk Startups are making outsourcing customer support a thing of the past with AI.

Startups are everywhere. You might’ve heard of a lot of success stories – Snapchat, Panda Express, Uber and many others. But still, there have been countless more that ended as failures. Many creative people out there have[…]

  In the rapidly evolving world of customer service, new technologies rise and gain widespread adoption with breakneck speed. We’ve seen this pattern play out many times over the years, from the introduction of outsourced call centers[…]

The new platform update is out! Rocketbots Platform v3.6 is live and ready to rumble with an all new UI and customer assignment and management.

Little did you know that Customer Service is the best profit center you possibly have.