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Facebook Customer Chat: 10 Ways to Transform Your Business

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Facebook Customer Chat: 10 Ways to Transform Your Business

Everybody is using Facebook Messenger right now – your friends, your customers, even your competitors. If you want to outplay the other players in the field, the first thing that you should do is to see how they reach their audience first. To do that, Facebook messenger is probably where you should start with as that's where 90% of potential customers are at. More than 60 million businesses have created their own Facebook page. Chances are, your company has one too. But question is, how do you leverage it? Easy, with Facebook Customer Chat.

Since most of the people would rather interact on messengers over any other communication channels, embedding the Facebook Customer Chat plug-in is probably your best shot in engaging, or, even converting your customers into actual leads.

Still not convinced? Here's 10 reasons why you should integrate the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin right now.

1. Real-time Customer Support

If you have a company, chances are you've probably already integrated some sort of virtual sales agents to automatically address some of the most frequent FAQs for you to streamline the process of your customer support.

That being said, when it comes to questions that are a bit more technical and complex, then the bot might not be able to help you out with that. That's where the human support comes in to help you solve the issue. But how exactly can you switch to the right sales representative at the right time?

Facebook Customer Team Chat

That's when AI technology tool comes in handy for you. By using the right tool, it can automate smart responses according to where the conversation goes. And if the issue is out of the ability of the virtual sales representative to handle, then the AI can automatically switch to a suitable human agent to address the enquiries that they customer has, improving the overall users' experience in customer support.

To check out how AI tools can automate customer support for you, click here to learn more.

2. Get Data That You Need

If you have seen one the those live chat boxes popping up at the right corner of the page asking you for any help when you are browsing the page; then at some point you've probably already wondered how can they manage to greet you by your first name without you giving them any information before landing to their pages?

Facebook Customer Chat analytics

Well, the truth is simple enough. The reason why Facebook messenger plugin is becoming such a major tool for businesses is that it provides you information without you even asking for it. Facebook give you basic information based on the Facebook profile of the users. For example, the users' full name, their gender, the language that they use on Facebook and etc, they are all provided for you at your demand. So, you can give support for your customers in any language or time that they prefer. Thus, improving your customer experience and fostering relationships with your users.

3. Build Your Messenger List

One great thing that keep turning people to Facebook Customer Chat Plug is the fact that it gets people to subscribe to your list like a magnet. All it takes is for people to send message to your page, then you can officially subscribe the leads to your list. And building a Messenger Subscriber List would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Pushing messages or content on Facebook messenger is also easier and more effective because of two reasons: one, only a small portion of businesses choose to use messenger for product promotion; two, people mostly use it to text their closed ones like friends or families. So with those two adding up, that gives the customers a higher incentive of opening and reading your messages; and thus, increasing the opening rates and the click-through-rates for you. You can also use it to broadcast the right materials like newsletters to their inbox easily.

Facebook Customer Chat

If you think you can only use it to collect customers feedback, then you're wrong. By getting customers interacting with the brand, it can potentially turn non-buyers into actual leads as it gives them the initiatives to get to know more about your product or brand. Even if they can't be converted immediately, you can still push your desired content into them in a slick action.

4. High Response-rate Surveys

If you have already embedded messenger in your support channels, then you've probably noticed that the engagement level is higher compare to the other channels like email surveys or on-page surveys.

If you have ever thought of putting customer satisfaction survey on the website but worry that the participation is going to be miserably low – then this is the opportunity for you. With such high engagement, more and more businesses are stepping into the game and utilising the advantages that messengers gives by putting simple customer satisfaction surveys on it. Unlike all the other traditional surveys, the only input that the customers take is only a few taps and you're done. Also, you can automate processes on it depending on their answer easily, which is a another plus.

Now that you can capture your users' contact information on Messenger, pushing surveys are made much more easier as you can easily customise a simple survey with the information given on their Facebook profile. Unlike those traditional questionnaires they used to have stuffing your customer with 10 questions (which nobody got time for that); the new surveys on Facebook Customer Chat only requires your users to answer 1 or 2 questions with just a click of a button. No prior email confirmation, no filling out long subscription forms and no cumbersome registration process. It's all done in one go – straight forward and easy. The upside of doing it is that you can get a WAY higher open AND response rates with it.

5. Facebook Customer Chat is Hella Engaging

While 90% of the emails that you use to promote contents already sink all the way to the bottom of your users' inbox and never getting opened; the messages that you send via Facebook Messenger are almost guaranteed not going to be left unopened.

FB Customer Chat

As we talked about earlier, messenger is like the center of attention where nearly all messages are NOT going to go unnoticed. Truth is, it's actually easier to get higher CTR and open rates in Messengers than in emails. It is genuinely one of the best communication channels out there as you can get their information you need with your users by only clicking one button – Yes. No joke. It's just as simple as that.

You can get your users to receive multiple messages at the same time without you having to do all the dirty, repetitive work by yourself. The way to do it is to put them on an automated message sequence. In this way, automating messages would be much more simpler.

6. Never Lose Your Conversation Record Again

If you have used one of those live chat as one of your customer support channels, then you should feel the same way as I do – yes. The live chat plug-in is convenient. All your visitors need to do is just to have one click a to open up the chat box, then they can type in fast questions and get an almost instant reply. But here's the problem: nothing will be saved after the visitor leave the page. No previous conversation record with the sales reps, no previous visited page, search history, nada.

FB Webchat

As you already know, without all those pre-acquired information about certain visitor, you basically have no way of knowing if that would be a recurrent customer or not, or if they're worth using a human sales representative to address their issue and turn them into a valuable lead. But Messenger is exactly here to solve all that. You get to keep all the information

7. Works Well On Any Device

Similar situation with live chat customer support as we mentioned earlier, live chat can only works on web pages. It requires the user to stay on the page until the enquiries gets entirely solved. Until then, the user can only sit there and wait for the bot or human sales reps to address the issue step by step. This customer support pattern is not only inflexible for the visitors, but also causes huge chance for impatient customers to walk out of the page before the problem got officially addressed with.

Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

But here with messenger, it's a total different game. The good thing about messenger is that you can open the message whenever you want. You don't need to stay on one spot or keep looking at your desktop for that little red box to pops up. Instead, you can use your phone, laptop or desktop to chat with the messenger. And once the human agent has responded, you would get automatic notification on your device. If you're too busy to reply at the moment, you can pick up the left-off conversation after like 3 days and there'll have no problem at all.

8. A Seamless Integration

The best thing about Facebook Customer Chat is probably that most people have already logged into the account either on their phone or their computer. There are 1.2 billion Messenger users out there so you can almost guarantee you can connect and get the information of your customers anytime you want. This made it incredibly easy for you to start a more engaging conversation with your users according to the information given to you.

Facebook Cusotmer Chat Integrations

It's not without reason that more and more businesses are tapping out of the email market right now and switching their wheel to the messenger field. One thing you can't promise with emails is to get your customers to actually read the email. It can end up in their scam email inbox or sink down their inbox along with hundreds of other promotion emails like a titanic.

9. Get More Personal With Your Customers

The other thing with emails is that it's not personalized enough to get the users' attention. Imagine sending out an on-boarding email to your new user with paragraph after paragraph of words just to greet them (you'll be lucky if you can get them to read the second line and not bore them to death) when you can simply get a 5-word message saying hello to them. (And hey, your customers also get an extra cheeky emoji in the text – which is fun, right?) In this way, it actually pulls you and your customers closer and not just rigid buyer-customer relationship. It is more interactive and get you two talking and therefore, building a more engaging customer relationship.

The Facebook Customer Chat even calls users out by their names when they're logged into Facebok while browsing.

Facebook Customer Chat Persistence

We're not only talking about cleaner and more fun text to engage with your customers in here; we're talking about a medium that your users are already using in their daily lives. Just like Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram, they use it to communicate with friends. Even if your message is entirely promotional, you'll still able to get them to check out the message as it's became an act of habit for them already. (and also maybe they thought it's just a text from a friend.)

10. In-Conversation Payments

The old way of customer support is rather bland and boring – all you do is either send texts or make a call to the customer center. However, Facebook Customer Chat gives users more options and features that make it way more fun and easy going when communicating with brands. Customers can send images, videos, recordings and other multimedia, diversifying the whole enquiries input and users can choose a way that he/she prefer.

Users can also use Messenger to pay with their cards now on the app itself. Customers doesn't need to open all those extra windows. Although this function is only available in areas like the United States; however, payment services are slowly going to be opened in France and the United Kingdom too.

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