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The use of chatbots is growing, however we cannot spread the benefits globally by ourselves. If you’re an agency with clients exploring the idea of building chatbots. Here is how we can help:

Bot Building

Our team of conversationalists and product managers is growing. Our team can analyze your client’s specific use case, define the conversation scope, develop the chatbot and train it to act on your behalf. Bots aren’t always perfect on day one, so we monitor the conversation and work with you to make improvements over time.

Snapshot of Supportbot in Finance
Rocketbots Platform for to manage your bots

The Rocketbots Platform

If you’re looking to manage hundreds or even dozens of bots on behalf of your client things can get messy quickly. With our platform you can monitor and manage multiple bots in real time or at a high level using our analytics module. With our platform you can connect a bot to several channels simultaneously and create multi language support. In addition our platform has the capability needed to leverage and monetize bots including modules for analytics, CRM, messaging, marketing, surveys and even a file manager. We are adding new features every month.

Consulting & Project Management

More often than not we see that chatbots are only part of a comprehensive solution. If you’re working on a big project and aren’t sure how a chatbot could fit into a potential solution we can help. With our knowledgeable team and our extensive network of related technology partners we can help create a solution that meets your clients needs.

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