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With Rocketbots you’ll have the speed of live chat with the reliability of email. Capture 10x more leads without forms.


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10,500+ companies are using Rocketbots to turn their traffic into leads, conversions and sales.

How does Rocketbots work?

Rocketbots generates Facebook Messenger leads from your existing traffic. You’ll be able to message 1 on 1 or mass message those leads anytime you want. Here’s how it works...

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Step 1

Convert Website Visitors Into Leads

Connect Rocketbots to your Facebook Page, install the customer chat plugin on your website and capture your website visitors as Facebook Messenger contacts.

Step 2

Qualify, Segment & Assign Leads Automatically

Quick reply surveys are frictionless and enable visitors to provide valuable data that enables you to assign that lead to the right team member and notify them automatically.

Step 3

Re-engage Leads Like You Re-engage Friends

No formatting. No Frills. Send concise & targetted content to directly to your customers’ favorite messaging app just like a friend would.

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