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Turn your website visitors into leads without ever asking for an email or a phone number.


“Many website visitors find filling out contact forms or lead magnets too intrusive. Live chat is just more human. The only problem with traditional live chat is once a website visitor leaves your website… Poof! They disappear.

Try a different approach!

Helpdesk Live chat Solution for All Messaging Apps and Website Chat
Omnichannel Messaging: Chat with website visitors and your messaging app contacts in one place
Team Inbox: Chat as a team by assigning chats, making comments & marking done.
Contact Profiles: Enrich your contacts using tags and custom fields to create powerful analytics.
Smart Replies: AI that makes repetitive chats a breeze with one click or automated replies.

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Turn Every Visitor Into a Free Lead

By using the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin every website visitor that chats with you becomes a free lead. There is no form filling required. Since you can message your visitors back at any time through Facebook Messenger, you’ll be able to convert them anytime.

Convert with the Help of AI

You’ve managed to capture the lead, now it’s time to convert. Convert leads efficiently by using Rocketbots Smart Replies to keep replies consistent and respond automatically to the most common requests. Now you can convert more deals & close more leads.

Artificial Intelligence Responses | Automatic Reply
Mass send Broadcasts on Messaging Apps and Live Chat

Re-engage Leads With Marketing Broadcasts

Broadcasts drive conversations at scale. Forget about marketing emails, with Rocketbots you can send broadcasts directly to messaging apps. Create segments based on your chats then send newsletters, announce products & more.

  • Smart Replies
  • Automated Responses
  • Tags & Labels
  • Custom Fields

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