How to Make Surveys for Messenger Apps

How to Make Surveys for Messenger Apps

If you’d like, skip to the step-by-step instructions. Surveys are an important part of gaining insights into your audience. It gives a clear, qualitative view into both specific and broad topics that concern your business or your users. 

What’s tough about surveys is it’s hard to really corner your users. You can try to engage them when they’re already tuning into podcasts and live streams, or even passively through your other content. Email surveys can be successful too if you have a large enough audience to get it to. However one overlooked channel for surveying is on people’s messaging apps. Quick, 1 to 5 question surveys that pop up on a user’s phone has a high open rate. If the survey doesn’t impose too many hard hitting questions, it’s likely you’ll have a higher response rate on your survey than if you used email. 

Intro to Surveys

The Rocketbots platform allows users to store and review surveys that have been sent before, or are ready to send again. Using the platform’s ability to broadcast to multiple messaging apps at once, or just a segment of them, you’ll be in a powerful position to delivery short surveys to your audience with a higher degree of response rate compared to typical surveys and email delivery methods. Surveys can be a great way to further segment your audience, gain insights, or get feedback from your customer base. There’s a large amount of question types and analytics for you to choose from, and you’ll also get the ability to schedule surveys to go out at particular and relevant times, maximizing open rates. 


Channel Page (So you have atleast one place you can broadcast to, like a Facebook page.)

Rocketbots Account (Because this is the tool that makes it happen)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1   Click Surveys at the left side menu in the Rocketbots Platform.

Send Surveys to Messaging Apps

2   Click Add Survey at the top left. 

Send Surveys on Messengers

3   Give the Survey a name, a Description of the Survey, a Success message for users who submit the survey, and an error message for those that leave before finishing. 

Create Surveys for Messenger Apps

4   Click on Question #1. Now you can denote a Field Name to create a column in the Rocketbots Platform to collect that question’s results. Next add your Question you want to ask in Question Prompt. Choose from a range of response formats that you require. 

Optionally you can set a fallback message so you can clearly restate the question to users who submitted an answer outside the format. You can also save it as a custom field to save responses outside the survey model for future user-specific use. 

Messenger Apps Survey Feature

 Click Create.


Now that you have a survey, you probably want to send it. Watch our short Broadcasting knowledge base video to find out how to do just that.

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