How to Use Human-Handoff and Get Notified

How to Use Human-Handoff and Get Notified

Default Welcome Intent

You may already notice whenever you use a chatbot, there’s always a greeting like “Hello” pops up right on the second you click on the chat box. But, this is actually the default welcome intent that naturally comes with the agents itself that you don’t have to input yourself. Facebook automatically adds the “Get Started” button to any chatbot that gets deployed on Messenger. As there’s no need for one when the bot is greeting the user for the first time, there are no training phrases inside the default welcome intent.


Guiding Your Users

1  Delete these default responses: Replace them with 3 of our own such as the example as shown below. 

2  Set the first response: as “Hello!”,  followed by “I am a chatbot to help answer questions about xxx” and finally “I’m still learning, so try to keep things simple for me!”


This can also let the user know what the purpose of the chatbot is, it’s less likely the user will ask it topics that it doesn’t know.

When the bot is being asked questions that it doesn’t know how to answer, then it will automatically revert it back to back to the Default Fallback Intent. And here’s how you can adjust the fallback intent response. 


Setting the Bot to Allow Human Handover

1  Edit the response: Editing the response module of the Default Fallback Intent.

2  Change your expression: Change it to “I’m sorry, I haven’t learned how to answer your question. Would you like me to get the human agent to come to help you?”  This would give users a chance to contact the human agent. 

3  Input your expressions: Input at least 20 expressions in the training phrases module that the user might say to let the bot know they’re interested in having the human agents to cut in and help.


Adding in the Notification

1  Add the parameters to the intent: Add a code that marks the chatbot as “not done” on the Rocketbots platform, which would allow the human agent to know when users are pending for assistance on the platform.

2  Input the values: Type: RB_MARKDONE and set the value as false. 

3  Enter the code: Input another code that’s going to allow the Rocketbots Platform to notify the human agent when she/he’s been requested to help a user. Type: RB_NOTIFY, and set the value as needs your help


Checking Your Bot

1  Delete the conversation; Delete the chatbot conversation from Facebook Messenger, and start over again.

2  Check the default welcome intent: Now see if the new default welcome intent is working or not by asking the bot a question that it doesn’t know how to answer.

3  Getting the request: A request with the option to contact the human agent will pop up on the screen. Click on it. Then, it would send the human agent a notification on the platform, and via email that we’re looking for help. Check on your side to see if that’s the case.


Now you can have an improved chatbot that would lessen the number of errors it can encounter, and a backup strategy that lets the human agents jump in when the bot can no longer answer questions.

Congratulations! Now you know how to switch your bot for human agent takeover.


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