How to Train Your Chatbot and Use Broadcasting

How to Train Your Chatbot and Use Broadcasting


In the last lesson, we talked about How to Use Human-Handoff and Get Notified, now you finally reach to the last lesson of How to Train Your Chatbot and Use Broadcasting. In this final section, you’ll get to learn how to train the chatbot and broadcast through it. The chatbot that you’ve built in the last two tutorials might can get you to answer customers’ inquiries fast; but there’s one problem – you still haven’t give it the ability to deal with the bot when it comes across questions that it doesn’t know how to answer at all or when the bot give out the wrong response. And the following will show you how to deal with situations like that.


How To Train Your Chatbot

1  Click on the training option to the left: In this menu, there are rows of data. Each row is a single conversation.

2  Click a conversation. You’ll be brought to the sessions window. This is where you’ll train your chatbot. Each line you see here is a single request and the corresponding intent that it triggered.

3  Mismatches: If you see a request that matches the correct intent, don’t do anything. If a request is assigned to the incorrect intent, click the intent below, and search for the right one to assign. If the request was not assigned to any intents, you can click “click to assign” below, and assign it to the correct intent.

4  Double check your corrections before you click approve. As assigning a request to the wrong intent, or approving a mismatched request can cause your chatbot to learn how to make that mistake more often.  

5  Click Approve. Give the chatbot agent some time to learn how to train.


Create A New Intent To Solve Another Customer Inquiry

1  Start by creating an intent. Use the same best practices as before.

2  Create at least 20 requests asking about the topic of Fruit Delivery. Set the response as “We get fresh fruit delivered at sporadic times from different orchards and farms in the region, so we’ll let you know when there’s a delivery coming as soon as we know ourselves!”

3  Add a parameter to this intent. This can tag users who inquire about fruit deliveries. Click on Add Parameter, and type “RB_ADDTAGS”, and set the value as Fruit Delivery. Remember to save the intent.


From now on, when a user asks the chatbot about fruit deliveries, they will be tagged in the Rocketbots Platform with the tag “Fruit Delivery”. You can now use the Broadcast feature on the Rocketbots Platform to update her curious users with updates on deliveries as soon as she knows.


Broadcasting the Updates

1  Click on Broadcasts to the left on the Rocketbots Platform.

2  Select New Broadcast at the top right. Here you’ll be able to write your broadcast message

3  Select your channel or channels you’d like to broadcast to. Choose the tag you want to target in your broadcast.

4  Write your delivery update Select Facebook as our channel, and then select the Fruit Delivery tag to target any users who have inquired about delivery updates.


Congratulations! Now you have officially completed the Rocketbots Academy Build a Basic Chatbot course.

There’s much more to building chatbots, so continue on to more advanced lessons, or stay tuned for more courses to come.


Happy chatbotting.


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