How-To: Create Your Own Parametric Code for Messenger

How-To: Create Your Own Parametric Code for Messenger

Intro to Parametric Codes

Parametric Codes drive offline traffic to your chatbot. Parametric Codes function like QR codes, but specifically for Facebook Messenger. By printing and posting these scannable codes, you can push offline users to your chatbot with ease.

This guide will cover:

  • Why you should use Parametric Codes
  • What parametric codes are.
  • Using Parametric Codes with the Rocketbots Platform & Dialogflow


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Why You Should Use Parametric Codes.

Simple, you have a bunch of offline users and you would like to turn them into an online audience. Here are some amazing use cases where parametric codes are incredibly handy.


A Spa

You chatbot then lets people request assistance, and food while they are at your Spa. How do you let them know these services are available at their fingertips?


Place a Parametric Code near the pool that prompts people to scan with Facebook Messenger for assistance.


Once scanned you can send your client directly to the intent that acknowledges they are already inside the Spa and shows off the services available.

A Large Event or a Convention

So you’ve put all this effort into organizing a massive event and you want to make sure you can reach those you actually came to the event next year.


Place a Parametric Code on the wall with the subtitle, scan with Facebook Messenger to find out about the awesome afterparty.


Not only will you have an audience to message for next years event. You can broadcast messages to your guests when new details about your party become available. Making sure your after party is great as can be.


A Pizza Place

Do you spend a lot of time making the fancy one-off pizzas to please your loyal customers? I sure do. Don’t you wish you had a way to reach your customers with a tasty photo when you make one of those magnificent creations?


Easy, just put a Parametric Code in your restaurant so your customers can get the WiFi password. The bot will give them the information they need and you can broadcast message them with delicious custom pizzas to your heart’s content.


What are Parametric Codes Exactly?

Parametric codes are QR codes for Facebook, once scanned, a person will be brought to your bot for a conversation. Take a look at how we created an awesome business card to give out at our events.


AI Chatbot Namecard



Try scanning the code yourself and your our friendly Chatbot Apollo will give you a template you can use to make your own Namecard with Parametric Code printed. 


Behind the Parametric Code, is a URL with a reference, which directs the user to a specific conversation in the chatbot. By adding that same reference to a specific intent inside your Dialogflow Agent you decide the conversation the user has after scanning.


The URL behind the Parametric Code looks like this:

AI chatbot URL

Making a Parametric Code


  1. Decide which intent you want to bring users to, for this guide we’ll use “platformquestion” as our Event Name.
  2. On DialogFlow, select Event in your intent, and type “REF_” followed by the event name with no spaces and in all capital letters as such:

AI Event Reference

Press Enter and Save your intent.


  1. Go to your Rocketbots Platform Dashboard, at the bottom right you’ll find the Parametric Code Generator. Where it says “Embedded Param Code”, type the Event Name with no spaces and in all lower case letters, shown below:

AI Embed Code

  1. Click “Generate” and wait a moment for your new Parametric Code with Event reference to be created.
  2. Once Created, you can now “Download” your Parametric Code as a .PNG file and use it in the real world.


Give the code a scan. It will begin the conversation at the specified intent’s response, rather than at the default “welcome” intent.

Now you’ve got a working Parametric Code with DialogFlow Events. Congrats!

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