Broadcasting to Messaging Apps

Broadcasting to Messaging Apps

Intro to Broadcasting to Messaging Apps 

If you’d like, skip to the Step-by-Step Instructions. Most consumers these days prefer to chat with their brands over messaging apps. It’s convenient, it’s easy, casual, and it’s very personal. But from a business’s perspective, it’s a little hectic. The consumer just sees the business. But the business sees thousands upon thousands of consumers messaging it at once. Of course that’s why customer engagement teams exist. But what if you have a unified, informative message to send? What about a survey? Or a helpful file that the consumers need? How would you get it to them? Would you tell your customer engagement team to copy/paste it one-by-one on their contact list? 

Of course not. That’s time consuming. That’s inefficient. That’s prone to errors. 

Sure, there’s tools out there that rudimentarily help you broadcast messages on messaging apps. But they’re kinda hacky in the way they do it. What you really want is a fully integrated tool that knows who your audience is, and can segment them for you. That way you can target your broadcasting, and make the most out of your customer engagement efforts.

Why Broadcast to Messaging Apps?

Broadcasting is a feature on the Rocketbots platform that lets you send messages, surveys and files across multiple, or single channels, even allowing you to broadcast to tagged users for a more targeted broadcasting experience. This is a powerful way to leverage your channels of communication with your customers so that you make the most of something that’s typically not very proactive. By broadcasting, you keep users in the loop with your business, you capture their attention, you gain feedback, and you keep them engaged. 

With an audience that’s globally moving to a more messaging focused way to engage with their favorite brands, it only make sense that businesses reciprocate this communication via messaging apps as well. However with native app features, it can be difficult to manage your communication and gain insights. Broadcasting on Rocketbots lets you send messages at once to all your users on their respective channels, and lets you target customers by interests or tags. Turning your customer engagement team into a more proactive team that can hit up customers when it’s opportune. 


Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Navigate to the Broadcast Module and select New Broadcast at the top left.

Broadcasting to Messaging Apps

2 Name your Broadcast.

Broadcast to Instant Messengers

3 Target your broadcast. Select the channel you will send your broadcast to. (Only a single channel may be selected.) Add the tags contacts should have to receive the broadcast. ALL means a contact must have all of the tags added to receive the broadcast. ANY means a contact must have at least one of the tags to receive the broadcast.

Messaaging App Broadcasting

4 Write your broadcast. Choose custom message type and add content. You may write up to 5 lines of rich text or images. (Images must be uploaded to the File Manager beforehand.) You may also send a survey.

Messaging App Blast Message

5 Schedule your broadcast. If you would like to send your broadcast later, toggle scheduling and select a time and date you would like the broadcast to be sent.

Broadcast Marketing

6 Send your broadcast. Confirm all your information is correct and hit send. (If you have scheduled a send date, the button will say schedule.)


Now your broadcast is sent, or ready to be sent. You can check your broadcasts at any time if they’re scheduled to go out to make any changed necessary.

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