Integrating with Dialogflow V2

Integrating with Dialogflow V2

Skip to the Step-by-Step Instructions. Integrating Dialogflow V2 with just about any tool out there is world’s different from Dialogflow V1. it’s a lot more in-tune with the Google ecosystem and is going to require just a little bit more digging around to find API keys, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It’s important to note that Google announced that Dialogflow V1 will only be supported for 1 year since the introduction of V2, approximately Feb 2018, with little hints as to what will happen after. If you’re just getting started with Dialogflow bot making, we suggest you start off in V2 to avoid any migration issues. If you’re looking just to test or mess around with bots, V1 would be best if you want to have a quicker, dirtier method of integrating or deploying your bot on other platforms.

What Makes Dialogflow V2 Different from V1?

V1 is much simpler. It comprises of only a Developer Access Token and Client Access Token. The Client access token is mainly for read-only objectives, while the Developer Access Token is meant for updates, iterations, and editing of your bot. Both tokens are necessary when you want to integrate with any user-facing platform. Click here if you want to see how to integrate with Dialogflow v1. Dialogflow V1 is more insecure if you decide to use Javascript in your bot’s development, as there’s a high chance of your Client Access Token being exposed.

Dialogflow V2 is more secure, but wholly more complex. V2 is in-tune with the Google Cloud Services Ecosystem, it has more features, and it will receive updates in the future. It does not have the same tokens at Dialogflow V1, and will require retrieving the right token from another place than Dialogflow.

We’ll show you how to integrate Dialogflow V2 to the Rocketbots platform.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Navigate to Agent settings and click on your Google Services Account URL.

Integrating Dialogflow V2

2 Find the row for Dialogflow Integrations and open the Actions Menu, select Create Key.

Select JSON as your Key type, and click Create. This will automatically download your JSON key.

How to integrate with Dflow v2

Navigate to Integrations on the Rocketbots Platform. Select Custom Bot type, select the V2 API, paste your JSON key and click Create.

Dialogflow V2 Integration

Now you’ve integrated successfully with the Rocketbots platform on V2. Other tools that integrate with v2 may be different, but always the JSON file will need to be found in your Google Cloud Services Dashboard for integration to take place.


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