How to Deploy a Bot on Slack

How to Deploy a Bot on Slack

While there’s been a lot of interest in chatbots driving them to customer-facing roles, there’s also been a low-key driving interest in internal bots to help smooth over communication with organizations and communities. Spawned from the idea of bot forums where bots would manage posts, chatbots could take the roles over as an internal communication manager. Since then, bots have been deployed on a few popular platforms used by businesses and communities who talk over group chats like Skype, Discord, and of course, Slack. 

How to deploy a Slack Bot

Slack is one of the fastest growing and ever more dominating internal chat tools out there. You’ve no doubt heard about it because that’s probably why you found this page. Managing communication and disseminating information among large groups of tightly-knit people requires automation. Bots and other third party tools are perfect for this role as they can be trained to handle situations that would take a human time out of his busy day to do. Welcoming new people, sending updates at specific times, segmenting groups, supporting FAQs are all things that can be delineated to a bot to be automated so leadership can take their hands off the wheel and relax. 

Deploying a Slack bot, however, can be a tricky process. Let’s assume you have a bot ready to go on Dialogflow for instance, how would you deploy it to Slack? 

But can’t I do that from the NLP? 

Well, if you already have a bot ready to go, the process is pretty straight forward. However there’s more a Slack Bot can offer than just an automated chat experience. With the Rocketbots platform you can leverage the Bot app functionality to actually deploy a human+bot hybrid experience to the channel for a truly awesome internal help desk experience. 


Slack Account (Duh.)

Slack Team (we’ll need a channel to deploy on)

Rocketbots Account (Because this is the tool that makes it happen)

Here’s How It’s Done

1   Navigate to the Slack Developer Console and click Create an App.

Create a Slack App

2   Make your Slack App, so give the App a name, and assign it a workspace. Click Create App.

3   Click Bots, then a new page, and you’ll click Add a Bot User. 

Make a Slack Bot for Slack

4   Give your bot a display name and a default user name. Turn ON Always Show My Bot as Online. Now click Add Bot User.

 Go to the Rocketbots platform, and click the Plus Sign + next to the Space menu on the top. First give the agent a name and click Next, and then select Slack as your channel and click Next again.

Slack Bot Platform

6   Type the Slack channel you’d like to deploy to. 

7   Go back to the Slack Developer Console and click Basic Information at the left side menu. Here you can copy yourClient ID, Client Secret, and Verification Token over to their respective fields in Rocketbots. Click Next. Rocketbots will have generated a Webhook URL and a Redirect/OAuth URL. 

Slack bot basic information

8   Copy the Redirect/OAuth URL from Rocketbots, and go back to the Slack Developer Console. Click on OAuth & Permissions in the left side menu. Under Redirect URLs, click Add a Redirect URL, and paste the URL from Rocketbots. Click Add, and then Save URLs.

Slack Redirect URLs

9    Click on Event Subscriptions in the left side menu. Turn Event Subscriptions ON. Go back to Rocketbots and copy the Webhook URL, and then go back to the Slack Developer Console, and paste it in the Event subscription. Wait a few moments for Slack to verify the URL. 

Slack Bot Events

10  Scroll down to Subscribe to Bot Events and click the Add Bot User Events. Here you’ll add all your necessary events for your Slack Bot. Now click Save Changes.

11  Click Interactive Components in the left side menu. Here you’ll turn Interactivity ON, and then paste the same Webhook URL from before, and click Save Changes.

Slack Interactivity

12  Go back to Rocketbots, and finish the setup process to adding your agent. 

13  Don’t forget to invite the bot to your team, so go back to Slack Developer Console, and click on Manage Distribution. Here you can select Add To Slack. Now you only need to Authenticate your bot, and you’re…


Now you should be able to find your bot in your Slack channel as if it was another user.

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