How-To Deploy a Dialogflow Agent on Facebook

How-To Deploy a Dialogflow Agent on Facebook

Take me to the steps. Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2016 at F8 that Messenger would be rolling out with full Chatbot Support, including menus, APIs, and a whole other assortment of goodies that would benefit just about anyone looking into automating conversations on their facebook page. With 2017’s launch of the Facebook Webchat Plugin, users are now able to take their bots off of Facebook, and place them right on their website. 

Dialogflow has strengthened their support and integration with Facebook since the announcement, with new ways to add in-messenger buttons, on-boarding support, and more. No doubt you’ve created a bot for yourself and tried deploy it on Messenger. And if you haven’t yet, stick around, and we’ll show you how. With Rocketbots, we’re happy to introduce you to a new method of bot deployment that makes bot management just a little bit easier for the layman and bot enthusiast alike. 

The Old Way

Deploying a Dialogflow agent on Facebook on your own can be a little bit tricky. Dialogflow isn’t seen as an “app” to Facebook’s developers, so to integrate Dialogflow to Facebook Messenger, you really need to jump through some hoops to make it work. Two big hurdles being the need to add a page access token from facebook developer console then subsequently verifying it, and the other being setting up webhooks.

The Rocketbots Way

Using Rocketbots, you can deploy as many agents as you like to Facebook, in a much easier process that feels like a native integration. This is especially useful if you have multiple pages that you need to manage at once, if you have multiple Dialogflow agents you need to keep an eye on, or if you simply want to collect all your users who chat with you into one seamless interface. Deploying a Dialogflow agent doesn’t have to be as clunky as it is, just sign up for a free account, connect your page, and follow these instructions.

No More App Approval 

That’s right. If you’ve ever attempted to deploy a boy to facebook from Dialogflow, no doubt you’ve come to the realization of the headache and pain it takes to approve your “app” on Facebook. But those days are over. With Rocketbots, you’ll be able to get right onto Facebook without having to wait to be approved, because Rocketbots is already an approved app on Facebook, you’d simply skip to the front of the line. What’s more, you can leverage more features on top of your bot using the Rocketbots platform without having to reach out to other tools to do it for you, and forcing you to re-submit your bot to Facebook.


  • Facebook Page (for deploying the bot to your page’s messenger account, duh)
  • Dialogflow Agent (Because you need to have a bot to deploy, duh)
  • Rocketbots Account (Because this is the tool that makes it easier)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1  Click the plus sign next to the agent name section at the top of the window in the Rocketbots platform. Give the new Space a name, and click continue. 

Rocketbots Add a Space

2  Select your channel. For this tutorial, just click Facebook Messenger, and click Next. Then you’ll need to select which page you want the bot to go on, and click Next again. 

Rocketbots Multichannel Messaging

If this is your first time connecting any Facebook Page to your Rocketbots account, you’ll be brought to a new window from Facebook that will ask you to give permissions to Rocketbots to make changes to your Facebook account. 

3  Give the API tokens from your Dialogflow Agent to the Rocketbots platform. Simply navigate to Settings in the lefthand menu on Rocketbots, and go to Bots. Here you can Edit the Channel Settings to include NLP Integration. Choose the corresponding Dialogflow API Version as the one you used in Dialogflow and copy the API keys from Dialogflow to Rocketbots. For example, if you used Dialogflow API V1, you need to select Dialogflow API V1 in Rocketbots as well. Click Continue. You can optionally invite other users to manage your bot.

Rocketbots Dialogflow Integration

If you don’t know where to find your API tokens, just go to the Dialogflow dashboard, and click the cog at the top left, next to your Agent’s name. The one that you always see spinning when the Machine Learning is working. In this menu, you can scroll down slightly until your find your API tokens. For both V1 or V2 of Dialogflow, paste those tokens into Rocketbots. 


That’s all it takes. With Rocketbots, adding a third tool actually makes the deployment process easier, PLUS you get all our cool, free features that let you manage your agent, see who chats with it, or even jump into it’s conversations. 

Going Beyond the Bot

Don’t have a bot, want one, but just don’t know where to start? 

This is where we’d say pay us money to help build one for you. But we don’t do that anymore. That’s because at Rocketbots, we’ve gone beyond the Bot. If automation and time saving is all you’re looking for in a communications platform, you probably don’t even need to start with a chatbot. Rocketbots already has AI built into the platform, meaning that once you connect your Facebook page to Rocketbots, you can go ahead and start chatting with your users. Our AI learns from the conversations you have from Human to Human. Most chatbots learn from failures that humans then need to reiterate upon consistently to keep the bot accurate. 

With Rocketbots, the AI learns from two humans chatting, which means the bot learns more naturally, faster, and with your messaging in mind. Once our AI learns enough, it will start offering you one-click responses that you can choose from to save you the time of typing and looking up answers. As the AI gets smarter, you can optionally turn automation on, meaning the AI on the platform will respond for you when it knows the answer confidently when new messages come in. So if you have an Rocketbots platform that’s learned from your responses and only responds when it’s confident, you have the same function as a chatbot, but with far less failure rate and a human touch that always makes customers feel more at ease. 

Check out more cool features it has.





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