CRM for For All Your Messaging Apps

Manage all your customer chats in one inbox.

Helpdesk Live chat Solution for All Messaging Apps and Website Chat
Omnichannel Messaging: Chat with website visitors and your messaging app contacts in one place
Team Inbox: Chat as a team by assigning chats, making comments & marking done.
Contact Profiles: Enrich your contacts using tags and custom fields to create powerful analytics.
Smart Replies: AI that makes repetitive chats a breeze with one click or automated replies.

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OmniChannel Integration for Messaging Apps and Live Chat
All-in-One Messenger

Live Chat & Messaging App Contacts in One Place

Launch your brand on every major chat platform to reach more customers and gain exciting prospects. Deploy on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Kik, and more.

CRM for Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging for Business

Keep track of every conversation and the users you talk with. Collect user information to build profiles. Segment your audience. Optimize your funnel.

Instant Messaging for Business CRM
Shared Team Inbox for collaboration
Team Inbox

Sell & Support as a Team

Chat with your audience as a team, without stepping on each other’s toes. Get alerts when contacts need you. Assign new contacts to someone in your team, our message them yourself. Keep everyone on the same page by marking conversations done.

Smart Replies*

Your Responses Presented to You

AI that learns from your conversations and suggests the replies you’ve already used when similar inquiries come up later. The more conversations you have, the smarter it gets! Broaden your reach globally with 15+ supported languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese.*

AI-powered Smart Replies for all Messaging Apps
Human + AI Handoff
Automated Smart Replies*

True Human + AI Hybrid Support

When Smart Replies are used the AI’s confidence rises. Choose the confidence level that works for you and let automated smart replies take care of the most repetitive messaging.*

Broadcast and Surveys*

Mass Messages That Engage Like Email Can’t

Broadcast updates or deliver surveys to your audience or a specific segment. Don’t want to send just yet? Schedule it for later! Then enjoy engagement rates unheard of in email marketing.*

Mass send Broadcasts on Messaging Apps and Live Chat
Conversation Analytics for All Messaging Apps
Real Time Data

Analytics To Optimize Your Messaging Funnel

Get real-time analytics that shows you your true chat volume, the time and days you’re busiest, your team’s engagement progress and more.

  • Actionable Analytics
  • Monitor Engagement
  • Real-time Updates
  • Import and Export
File Storage and Delivery

When Text Is Not Enough Images & Files Are Here To Help

Need to deliver a quote? Some marketing material? An employee that needs a leave form? Rocketbots will deliver, no matter the file type, size, or channel. Files are transformed into hosted links automatically if the channel doesn’t support your media.

File Management for Messaging Apps and Live Chat
Code Generator for QR and Facebook Parametric Codes
Scanner Code Generation*

The Ultimate in Offline to Online User Acquisition

The Rocketbots Platform lets you generate your own scanner code for Facebook Messenger for FREE. Engage customers you meet in the real world once they scan your parametric code. It’s like a Facebook Messenger QR code right to you.*


Integrations With Apps and Web Services You Use Every Day

Deploy to messaging channels, or directly to web chat, so you can make the most out of your user outreach. Integrate with DialogFlow and Chatbase to enhance your AI-game. Learn more about Integrations.

Integration to Messaging Apps, NLPs, Dialogflow, Chatbase

* May not be available for all channels.

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