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Dialogflow multichannel integration and more features

With the Rocketbots Platform, you get one-click deployment to any messaging app and live chat, bot-human handoff, profile management, tags, broadcasts, surveys, file storage, etc. Get easy access to chat history, user profiles and easily re-engage with users all while collecting analytics.*


Curious what additional functionalities you get out of this integration? The following table summarises what you can achieve with Dialogflow + Rocketbots:


$ 99

Per Month


Intent Manager

Entity Management

Multi-channel Integration

One-Click Deployment

Contact Manager (CRM)



Automatic Tagging

AI-Human Hybrid/Handoff

Variable Values

File Storage and Delivery

Chatbase Integration

Parametric Code Generator*

Dialogflow Only

$ 99

Per Month

Dialogflow + Rocketbots

$ 99

Per Month


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Handoff to a Human, Dialogflow Agent ON/OFF

Handoff to a Human from Intent

Is there a conversation you don’t want your bot to have? Turn the bot off for any user that triggers a specific intent and notify a person through email to continue the chat.

Transform Entities into Tags

Collect those valuable entities as user tags and generate analytics or create custom fields for email, phone and more then export valuable data for your clients.

Transform Entities into Tags and Custom Fields
Mass send Broadcasts on Messaging Apps and Live Chat

Broadcasts and Surveys*

You’ve collected users and analytics, now let your clients action on the data by sending targeted broadcast messages to tons of users or send out custom built surveys in minutes.*

Notificiations, Triggers and Automation

Get instantly notified by email or through the platform whenever you have outstanding users that require immediate human attention.

Dialogflow notifications and email alerts
OmniChannel Integration for Messaging Apps and Live Chat

OmniChannel Deployment

Deploy your Dialogflow agent using a single response template to multiple channels including Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Facebook Workplace & more.

User Management & Chat History

All users that chat to your bot are stored as contacts, along with their chat history and analytics you create with Rocketbots parameters.

Instant Messaging for Business CRM

* May not be available for all channels.

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