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Why add amazing products & services when you can’t even get your users to open your email? Supercharge open & click rates with messenger broadcasts.*


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10,500+ companies are using Rocketbots to turn their traffic into leads, conversions and sales.

How does Rocketbots work?

Rocketbots connects all your chat apps, organizes all your contacts in one CRM and lets you create outreach campaigns with open rates 6x better than email. Here’s how it works...

OmniChannel Integration for Messaging Apps and Live Chat
Step 1

Collect Contacts From Anywhere

By connecting with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Kik & Viber Rocketbots CRM creates profiles on users from any chat app.

Step 2

Broadcasts That Feel Like Personal Messages*

No formatting. No Frills. Send concise & targetted content to directly to your customers’ favorite messaging app just like a friend would.*

Mass send Broadcasts on Messaging Apps and Live Chat
Team Collation on Livechat and Helpdesk
Step 3

Reach Out For Feedback*

You’ve got a great idea and a way to implement it, but you still need user feedback. Power up your business by reaching out with chat surveys.*

* May not be available for all channels.

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