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The Ultimate Guide to Kik for Business

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The Ultimate Guide to Kik for Business

Have you been thinking about using Kik for your Business? Whether you're looking to make a fantastic Kik bot to get started with Gen Z brand building or to create a space for Gen Z customer support, we've got you covered.

What is Kik?

Why Use Kik For Business?

Types of Kik Business Accounts

Using Kik for Business

Generate Leads Using Kik Bots

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What is Kik?

What does the interface of the Kik App look like?
The Kik Interface

Kik is another remarkably simple messaging app just like Telegram. There is only one main interface, your list of chats. This is where you will find all your chats whether they are chats with your friends, chats with your groups or chats with bots.

Unlike any other apps that we've seen the focus of Kik is on discovery. Aside from adding your existing friends, Kik is very much designed to allow you to be able to find and create new friends. Around the app, Kik promotes you to enter your interests, and by doing so, it will help narrow down what you discover within the app.

Kin & The Kin Marketplace

Kin & The Kin Marketplace

If you're reading this Ultimate Guide and you've read our Ultimate Guides than you understand the messaging space is actually quite crowded globally, with people gravitating towards Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. For an app to compete against those giants it needs a niche. With Kin, Kik is trying to build just that.

Launched in 2017, Kin is a cryptocurrency based on the Etherium blockchain. Rather than focusing on the crypto aspect, it is really just meant to be a digital currency inside the Kik app and other associated services.

With Kin, Kik is trying to do something quite interesting. People always complain that Facebook is taking their personal information, using it to sell ads and gives a user nothing in return (except their service). With Kin, Kik allows you to take quizzes and polls, which we assume creates data about the user. In return, you receive Kin, which you can spend.

From what we've seen, you can really only spend Kin on chat themes. But the idea is that advertisers would buy Kin in order to encourage you to fill out those quizzes. Then you would be able to spend that Kin in the Kin marketplace for some sort of products and services. However, for now, it does not seem to be a success as Kin has lost 99% of its value as of 2019.

Why Use Kik For Business?

In a typical post, we would concentrate strongly on the absolute number of users and their geographic locations but Kik is a little bit different. Of course, Kik has users, an estimated 300 million users – of which there are about 15 million monthly active users.

Yet, if you look at the numbers alone you're missing the bigger picture because about 70% of those monthly active users are between the age of 13 and 23. Overall this means about 40% of American teens use Kik. Their engagement is high too, according to this study, Kik users spend about 35 minutes per session on the app.

All of this means Kik is an interesting proposition for established brands who are looking to solidify their brand equity for the future because the users on the app are all Generation Z. Although this may not be the place to look for quick sales, Kik is the place where you build a brand amongst the next generation of spenders.

Types of Kik Business Accounts

Much like Telegram, you won't find any reference to a Kik business accounts on their website. So how do you use Kik for business? Bots. Kik provides a very easy way to create a bot profile and connect a bot building service to it. Businesses like Sephora, have already embraced the idea of connecting to their target audience through Kik bots.

To date, the Kik platform is home to around 20,000 chatbots, with around 150 listed in its official Bot Shop. For instance, Roll, the popular Kik chatbot is aimed at providing light-hearted and humorous replies to the consumer.

It comes with a set of questions, such as “who dabs way too much?” or “should I order pizza rn?” and once the user taps on one of them, it presents a witty answer. For now, the majority of the chatbots are focused on conversing with the users. Great for engagement and brand building.

Getting Started With a Kik Business Account (Kik Bot)

Scan Here to Create a Kik Bot for Business
Scan To Create a Kik Bot

Once you have a Kik account creating a Kik bot is a painless and easy process. Just head over to the Kik Developers Site and you'll be presented with a code to scan with your Kik app. Once you do, Botsworth will send you a message. Botsworth will ask you to confirm your email and what you would like the name of your bot to be. That's it.

This is the Kik Bot Account Settings Panel
Kik Bot Account Settings

Once you've entered all the required information your desktop browser will refresh and you'll be presented with your API key. You can use this API key to connect to your bot building software or to Rocketbots.

How To Benefit From Using Kik for Business

Typically in our Ultimate Guides, we attempt to teach you how to use the tools provided by your the messaging app to power up your business. We usually go through everything from user acquisition to customer support.

For Kik however, the tools provided only concern user acquisition. We will cover this information below, but stay tuned for another article where we will show you how to use 3rd party tools to power up the rest of your funnel.

What is a Kik Account?

As always, when working with messaging app users you're going to want to understand what a user actually is. Although you'll need to fill in some basic information like your name, birthday and a profile picture the key thing is needed for a Kik account is a unique email address.

This means that when you are dealing with Kik users you could find yourself in a situation where two users are actually a single person. We are not aware of how common this is as logging in and out of the app is somewhat annoying, but it is important to understand.

Generate Leads Using Kik Bots

As with any messaging app you will need to acquire Kik users before you or your bot can help engage with or promote your brand. On Kik, you have a few basic tools to make this happen: Kik codes, the bot shop and promoted chats.

Generate Leads From The Kik Bot Shop

How to find a kik bot in the kik bot shop
Finding Kik Bots in the Kik Bot Shop

The Kik bot shop is designed to help your Kik bot be found in a more natural way. In order to be listed on the bot shop, you'll need to fill out a short application that involves providing a few images, a bot subtitle, a detailed description as well as links to your privacy policy and to your terms of service. Compared to WeChat this seems to be a fairly painless process.

For a user, the Kik Bot Shop is very easy to find. But users won't be able to find your bot there until it gets approved even if they search. So make sure to refer to the Kik Developer Guidelines before you send your bot for approval.

Lead Generation Using Kik Codes

Kik codes streamline the process of user acquisition. As soon as consumers scan your Kik code, they are added to your account and your Kik bot can talk to them.

Scanning the Kik code requires opening the in-app scanner which requires pulling the screen down from the ‘main chat’ interface. Businesses can greatly benefit from this technique, as these codes can be shared online or printed out to be scanned from wherever. Businesses can use this to divert customers directly to bots, as tested by several restaurants.

As you scan the Kik code on the restaurant’s wall, a chat opens up in the Kik application. The chatbot asks, “What can I get you?” from which users can select a range of options such as “order drinks.”

It writes back “Please type your drink order below.” And sure enough, minutes later the hotel staff will bring along your drink order. This level of automation and feasibility is beneficial for both ends of the spectrum as consumers can easily communicate their order whereas the restaurant has an organized list of orders, without having to rely on the waiter's memory.

The same methodology can be integrated across different businesses and various industries, allowing for streamlined processes and boosted efficiency.

Is That Everything You Can Do With Kik Bots for your Business?

If you're getting started with using messaging apps for business and chat automation we recommend you read these two articles:

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