It wouldn’t be a surprise if your company already started using those communication tools to help internalize communication between your employees or clients. But the truth is, it probably isn’t doing much of a job to help[…]

In today’s technologically enabled operating environment, every business is forced to compete on an international level. Modern consumers are empowered with digital tools that allow them to access and communicate directly with manufacturers from all over the[…]

So you just received a pair of dress shoes you bought online, you unboxed it and notice that there were two left shoes. What most people would do next is to go through the tedious process of[…]

Conversational UI first attracted mainstream attention back in 2010, when Apple introduced Siri to iPhones across the world.  Within months, digital users of all ages were using their voice assistants to write emails, initiate Google searches, write[…]

For the past couple of years, C-suite executives and industry insiders alike have predicted that chatbots are set to become the next big disruption in business technology. As major Silicon Valley players like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and[…]

With the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, traditional supply chain management has undergone a complete digital makeover. The elements of supply chain and logistics in the age of Industrial IoT have become more complex, with more and more nodes in the[…]

Vexed with delays when you call your bank with a service request? Fed up with unresolved banking queries? Well, no more. Technology has redefined traditional phone banking with automated conversational chat tools, which is known as chatbots. These chat[…]

E-commerce is one of the most customer-facing industries where direct personal experiences and social conversations define the brand value. With customers spending more and more time on the browser, messaging apps, and social media, e-commerce sales continue to[…]

How many times have you wished your insurance company responded instantly? That you didn’t have to wait out the weekend to file your claim or satisfy your demand for knowing processing time? If you ever had a[…]

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement to introduce chatbots to Facebook brought a wave of excitement and anticipation. It was not unwarranted. Chatbots promise to revolutionize communication in all industries. As countless bots are added to messenger daily, how will chatbots add[…]