The adoption of Helpdesk support software has never been more prevalent; what was once only used by the big conglomerates can now be found in the office of companies of almost any structure and size. Helpdesk software[…]

Change is more than in the ether, it is real and it is now: how we buy and sell has already seen a total transformation with the widespread adoption of messengers. People are impatient – they want[…]

How Do You Measure Your Workforce Engagement? We all strive at keeping your employees happy in the workforce. But the question always comes down to this: how exactly can you tell if your policy works well or[…]

Before all-in-one messengers came along, we are all doing it the same way: go for Whatsapp, Skype and Telegram to check personal texts from family and friends; then head to Gtalk, Facebook Messenger, HipChat and a bunch[…]

Facebook Messenger and Google Hangout are both taking over how we communicate, but as with anything in life, choosing which platform is right for you is never going to take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach! We live in a[…]

When it comes to personalized experiences, few industries can match up to the exceedingly high expectations placed on modern hotels.

From financial services to transport, industry after industry has been disrupted by the advance of AI technologies over the past decade. Yet the healthcare sector has remained largely immune to digital transformation. Constrained by strict HIPPA regulations[…]

“Just Google it”.hats what most people would do when they are looking for new information nowadays. However, chatbots may very well replace that notion and one day we can expect people to start saying “just chatbot it”.[...]

Over the past couple of years, AI-driven conversational software has revolutionized the way that users interact with businesses, devices, and applications. In a digital world where people are increasingly looking for more personalized experiences, these smart technologies[…]

It’s a Sunday morning and you’re chilling on your hotel bed in the Maldives trying to figure out what amenities they have at this massive resort that you’re staying at. Instead of getting up and calling the[…]