Here’s a great tutorial on how to get Facebook Customer Chat to work on Google Tag Manager

Managing a help desk can be hard with all the tech around businesses automating tasks these days. But for help desks, it’s really just an opportunity in disguise, and superheros all have disguises.

Creating a WeChat Official account is a pain, especially if you’re not in China. We’ll show you how to easily open and manage a WeChat Official account for your business.

Check out these 5 major trends in IT Support that’ll get you thinking about how you can make customer communication better for everyone.

These four tenants are the pillars for any good help desk solution that’s just getting started. Some advice are pretty obvious…but others are only skin deep until you really start digging into what customers really want.

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Messaging apps are the new go-to channel for businesses to take advantage of when it comes to customer service. With messaging apps you’re always in your customer’s pocket.

With the advent of AI and Messaging Apps, there’s really no need to have staff at the helm 24/7. Here’s some great tips on how to use tech to make a 9 to 5 support team feel like it’s round-the-clock.

Sales support software are used by a sales teams to streamline finding leads, reach out to prospects and manage customer service channels.  With companies globally jumping on the bandwagon, you can’t ignore that the software is revolutionizing[…]

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