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How to Create and Use Facebook Messenger Codes (June 2019)

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How to Create and Use Facebook Messenger Codes (June 2019)

What is a Messenger Code? It is really just a Facebook Messenger QR code that you can use to drive traffic to your Facebook Page. It is similar in the traditional QR code in that it is just helping the user the follow a link without having to type it in. The difference is that Facebook Messenger Codes take you directly into a Facebook Messenger Chat. This article will help explain what is a messenger qr code and how to use one.

We'll cover the following questions:

What is a Messenger Code?

Facebook created Messenger Codes as an extension of links. links are a link that sends Facebook users to your Facebook page messaging. Meaning that when you use an link, you'll be sent directly to on desktop or to the Facebook Messenger app. Once you're there you can chat directly to the business that the Facebook page belongs to.

But what if you don't have a convenient place to post a link that the Facebook user can click? That's what Messenger codes are for. You can print them as a poster or as a sticker, then let people scan them with their Facebook Messenger app, taking them directly to a chat with your business. They are basically a Facebook Messenger QR code.

Back when we used to make custom chatbots for our customers we would create Messenger Codes like this to enable the offline to online interaction for our customers.

This is an image of a business card that shows a Facebook Messenger code and how to use the Facebook Messenger QR code on the back
Messenger Scan Code Example

Why Use A Messenger Code

Simple, you have a bunch of offline users, and you would like to turn them into an online audience. Here are some amazing use cases where messenger codes are incredibly handy.

Using A Messenger Code At A Spa

Your Facebook page lets people request assistance and food while they are at your Spa. How do you let them know these services are available at their fingertips?

Place a Messenger QR Code near the pool that prompts people to scan with Facebook Messenger for assistance.

Once scanned, you can respond to your clients request through Facebook Inbox or use a little chat automation with Rocketbots to automate the process.

Using A Messenger Code At A Convention

You’ve put much effort into organizing a massive event, and you want to make sure you can capture the attendees as a messenger audience so that you can inform them about early bird tickets for next years event with a Facebook Messenger newsletter.

Place a Messenger Code on the wall with the subtitle, scan with Facebook Messenger to find out about the awesome afterparty.

Not only will you have an audience to message for next years event. You can broadcast messages to your guests when new details about your party become available — making sure your after party is excellent as can be.

Using A Messenger Code At A Pizza Place

Do you spend a lot of time making the fancy one-off pizzas to please your loyal customers? I sure do. Don't you wish you had a way to reach your customers with a tasty photo when you make a new creation that all your regulars should come in and try?

Easy, just put a Messenger QR Code in your restaurant that your customers can use to get the WiFi password. Will a little Rocketbots automation you'll be able to get your customers as a Facebook Messenger audience and give them the WiFi password all while working on you magnificent Pizzas in the kitchen.

How To Scan A Messenger Code

Scanning a Messenger code on the Facebook Messenger app is relatively easy.

This image shows how to open the Facebook Messenger App and Scan a Facebook Messenger QR Code
Scanning a Messenger Code

All you need to do is open the app. Tap the camera on the top right. Hold your phone up to the Messenger Code, then press on hold on the screen.

Using the Facebook Messenger Code Generator on the Rocketbots Platform

The easiest way to create a messenger code is to use the Facebook Messenger Code generator on the Rocketbots platform. To do so you'll need:

  • A Rocketbots Account
  • A Facebook Page Connected to Your Space

Once you're ready with both of those you can generate a Messenger QR Code.

1 Navigate to Settings and find your connected Facebook page in the channels list. Then open the Facebook Messenger Code generator by pressing the scan code icon.

This is how you access the Facebook Messenger QR code generator on the Rocketbots platform.
Open the Messenger Code Generator

2 Press download to get an image of the Messenger Code. At this point you can choose to add a reference or just create a standard Messenger Code without a reference. We discuss what a reference is below.

This is an image of the Rocketbots Messenger Code Generator
Rocketbots Messenger Code Generator

What is a Messenger QR Code Reference?

Imagine you have a chain of pizza restaurants and you'd like to post Messenger Codes at every location. At some point you may get curious about which locations your new Facebook Messenger audience is coming from. This is when a reference can be useful.

Remember, the Messenger Code is just a scannable link. By adding the reference to the Messenger QR Code, you'll be able to distinguish who scanned which code to become a part of your audience.

This image shows and link with a reference. Link with Reference

In addition to having a better idea of the source of your new Facebook Messenger contact, you'll also be able to start automations based on this reference.

For example, on Rocketbots we can create a survey, that is automatically sent to any new contact that comes in the a specific reference. This allows you to collect additional information about the person, before you've used any of your own time to chat with them.

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