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How To Apply For Facebook Subscription Messaging Permissions

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How To Apply For Facebook Subscription Messaging Permissions

This article is all about Facebook Subscription Messaging permissions. We're going to discuss what is subscription messaging on Facebook, how to get approved for subscription messaging on Facebook & give some Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging examples. This article is divided into three parts:

What is Subscription Messaging on Facebook?

Facebook Subscription Messaging Permission is a part of Facebook Messenger policy that allows Facebook Pages to send messages to their Facebook Page Messaging Connections after they have used all the messages allowable according to the Facebook 24+1 rule.

In short, the Facebook 24 + 1 rule states that Facebook pages can send unlimited promotional or non-promotional messages to Facebook Messenger users within 24 hours of the user messaging the Facebook pages, plus one additional message after that. Check out this article for a detailed description of the 24+1 rule.

After 24 hours, Facebook still allows you to send non-promotional messages to your Facebook Pages Messaging Connections as long as they fit into one of these categories:

  • Community Alert
  • Event Attendee Reminder
  • Pairing Update
  • Application Update
  • Account Update
  • Payment Update
  • Personal Finance Update
  • Shipping Update
  • Shipping Update
  • Reservation Update
  • Issue Resolution
  • Appointment Update
  • Game Event
  • Transportation Update
  • Feature Functionality Update
  • Ticket Update

Facebook recognises that other types of non promotional messages do not fit into these categories, but that Facebook pages may want to send those as well. That is why Facebook created Subscription Messaging. For those of you more familiar working with Facebook API's you'll know this as pages_subscription_messaging permissions.

Applying for Subscription Messaging enables you to send promotional messages outside of the non-promotional categories. To do so, you'll need Facebook's approval.

When you apply for Subscription Messaging on Facebook you'll need to fill out the details of your application. There are 3 categories you can fill out an application for using Subscription Messaging Facebook news, productivity & personal tracking.
Facebook Subscription Messaging Application Categories

The reality is that Facebook has also pre-defined the categories of non-promotional messages you can send. These include news, productivity & personal tracking.

Do You Need To Apply For Facebook Subscription Messaging Permissions?

Whether you find this post because you're using Rocketbots or you found it some other way, it's essential to understand if you need the Facebook Subscription Messaging Permission for your use case.

The critical thing to remember is because Facebook 24+1 rule is not a technical limitation but more of a guideline, you will not need Facebook Subscription Messaging Permission to send individual messages to your Facebook Page Messaging Connections.

If you are sending messages to users one at a time using Facebook Inbox or using the Messages module in Rocketbots, you don't need the Facebook Subscription Messaging Permission.

You do need the Subscription Messaging in Facebook if you're going to be sending broadcasts via API or using Rocketbots Broadcasts.

So without further delay, here is your guide to applying for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging Permissions.

How To Apply For Facebook Subscription Messaging?

If you've got to this point of the article you're probably asking yourself, how do I get approved for Subscription Messaging in Facebook? As well as do you have a Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging Example. We've got both, here are the steps to getting approved for Subscription Messaging below.

To find the Facebook Subscription Messaging application screen navigate to your Facebook Page > Settings > Messenger Platform.

Navigating to Messenger Platform

Then scroll down to Advanced Messaging Features > Request Subscription Messaging.

Navigating to Facebook Subscription Messaging Application

Once you’ve reached the application, you will have three sections to fill out. The first is category, you will have to pick between News, Productivity, or Personal Tracking.

Facebook Subscription Messaging Application

Most businesses choose news as it has the flexibility while Productivity and Personal Tracking is highly specific.

Three Category to Choose From

Next, you will have to give the details where you can elaborate on what kind of information or messages you will be sending. A good example is, “Rocketbots chatbox sends regular updates regarding Rocketbots updates regarding business messaging.” Note that you should not include anything promotional in your messages and consider how your content will benefit your recipient.

Then, you have to provide at least two example messages. Note again that your message should not include anything promotional. An example of what Rocketbots would send is “Telegram is releasing Official Account features. Check out Rocketbots blog to see how you can utilize Telegram Official Accounts.”

Lastly, check the confirmation which states that you are going to send only non-promotional messages and abide by Facebook and Messenger policies. Select Save Draft and wait for Facebook’s approval. Once approved, you will receive a notice under Advanced Messaging Features.

What if you don’t get approved? Luckily, there is no maximum number of times you can apply which means that you have the option to evaluate how you can improve your application and reapply.

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