Your Guide to Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Your Guide to Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement to introduce chatbots to Facebook brought a wave of excitement and anticipation. It was not unwarranted. Chatbots promise to revolutionize communication in all industries. As countless bots are added to messenger daily, how will chatbots add value to a business strategy? We highlight 7 key ways a Facebook messenger chatbot will enhance the capabilities of your business interaction strategy. 




Firstly… What Is the Hype Behind Chatbots?


From CNN’s chatbot that delivers news that you are interested in Hello Jarvis which acts as a personal assistant, chatbots serve infinite purposes. Monthly usage in Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and WeChat surpassed traditional social media platforms in 2015 and thus it makes sense to build your business where the people are. Chatbots serve that purpose remarkably. This makes chatbots a valuable tool in the foreseeable future.


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Ultimate Facebook Messenger Chatbot?


The key to an ultimate Facebook messenger chatbot is to be able to use it to solve an interaction problem by reducing the time or effort a customer needs to spend to do what they want to do. The chatbot should have a clear strategy to do just that.


Some might think that a chatbot can be useful for all issues, but this is not the case. Take the example of the online check in process. It is much easier for a passenger to check in and select their seats through the current method as the visual aid of the seat map is much more effective. Thus it is important to establish a clear rationale for implementing a chatbot.  


Developing a chatbot will never start off being perfect and there are always ways to improve. Therefore start with a single use case and add more as time goes on. It is vital to be intelligent with your messaging. Send messages to the right people at the right time by using your data to drive your interactions.


The ultimate Facebook messenger chatbot could help grow your business by giving you the following capabilities:


1. Advertising


Just imagine yourself as a consumer that clicks an ad, and instead of being directed to a landing page, or being asked to download an app or being confused with where you have been redirected, you are directly linked to chatbot on a native platform you trust, messenger, and through structured messages you can continue the dialog from the ad you clicked.


This is the power of a well-developed chatbot. It is the kind of user experience a consumer expects today. Painless, quick and personal.


Not only does the Facebook messenger chatbot develop a fantastic consumer experience, it is also economically advantageous. From our tests, we see that costs per click are significantly lower on Facebook ads that bring the user to a chatbot as compared to ones that bring the user to a website or a video.


The story does not even end there. The fantastic user experience for the consumer results in higher engagement opening the door for further marketing in the future.


Lower cost, higher engagement, and a better user experience speak for itself. Chatbots provide a unique opportunity to advertise.


2. Data gathering


Facebook messenger chatbots give you access to over 1 billion people. With the wealth of data that is available to collect, plan in the development stage for what information you want to gather for analytics.


The opportunity to gather data to go deeper into analysis should not be ignored as it can allow you to obtain insights that will optimize all aspects of your business. Gathering more data will enable businesses to target their sales and marketing in a more effective way.  As we begin to understand how important the role of big data will play in the future, chatbots have given us the capacity to gather data in a much more comprehensive way.  


Finally, we can connect analytics to bots, automating the analysis process. If this continues trend continues, chatbots will become all the more valuable and important.



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3. Being your Brand Ambassador


Chatbots are your most dependable and available employee. We, humans, suffer from multiple emotions and circumstances that prevent us from performing our best at all times, but that is not a problem anymore.


A Facebook messenger chatbot is an opportunity for a brand to engage consumers in almost human levels of conversations. It can provide a personality to the brand through humor, tone, and language which traditional techniques like color, iconography, and logos fail to convey. Chatbots are designed to give the same standard of experience to every consumer, deliver your brand voice consistently and do this at a scalable level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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4. Developing Human and Chatbot Cooperation


20% of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) are asked 80% of the time. Questions like these can be programmed to have answers, but not all questions can be answered by a chatbot, they may be too complex. Whilst chatbots are a valuable resource, we know they are not completely perfect, yet.


This means that they can also fail to deliver a user’s expectations. If this happens, the messenger chatbot can be designed to connect you to a human being. Our Facebook messenger chatbot has done just that. Not only does this make the chatbot seem more reliable, despite its lack of knowledge, but also provides a better user experience. Users are not left for dead, but helped until they get their answer.


5. Increase your Efficiency


You may have picked up on one already as you were reading this blog. In a world where time is money, chatbots can increase the time you have in a day. All of the above points mean that efforts can be spent on more tasks that benefit the business as things like a messenger chatbot answering FAQ’s are being done by the chatbot.


Particularly for small businesses, chatbots are a great tool for increasing efficiency and helping staff with their tasks.


6. Structured Conversations


A chatbot should have the purpose of solving an issue. A number of trends have been predicted to take over the chatbot industry. A key one being that developers will start focusing their efforts on making chatbots more focused and less conversational.


Messenger provides multiple ways of interacting with the user that guides them through the entire conversation. In fact, with buttons, navigation menus and a rich bank of templates, the user will type less and click more. An ultimate messenger chatbot will use these tools effectively to develop a conversational yet structured chatbot that reduces the chances of a failing conversation. 


The purpose of this is to ensure that users feel more in control and have a better understanding of what to expect when interacting with the bots.



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7. Offer Unique Services


Facebook messenger chatbots are powerful as they allow you to do very specialized things. For example, RemitRadar developed a chatbot that allows you to transfer money, find out exchange rates and find money transfer locations over a Facebook messenger chatbot. Cool right? As the big messenger platforms continue to invest heavily in chatbot technology, who knows what the bots will be capable of helping us do in the future. 


A chatbot can be developed to prompt users to give all the information needed to do the specialized action, which makes it so useful. 


Final Word


Facebook messenger chatbots are brilliant and possess a wide range of capabilities that can help develop your business. With the industry growing and learning daily, the 7 key ways chatbots can alter business capabilities are by no means exhaustive. If there is a key to take away from this blog post, it is that chatbots can and will revolutionize communication in all industries. The Facebook messenger chatbot will only make this revolution faster, more effective and full of innovation. The only questions that remain is when and how far it will go. We have high hopes and so should you. 

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