5 Ways Companies Are Using Facebook Messenger for Business

5 Ways Companies Are Using Facebook Messenger for Business

Every company wants to find the most sustainable channel to grow their business. But the question is: where do you find the best channel to reach and acquire your users? Chances are you've probably already tried out a few different channels before – WhatsApp, WeChat, organic search, or viral marketing. But here's the thing: you're going to need to target more than a single channel to get the results you desire. If you've encountered the same situation here, don't worry, we've been here before. Maybe it's time for you to try to the new platform – Facebook Messenger.

Here's how the 5 companies successfully engage and acquire high-value users through Facebook Messenger.

1. Uber

Uber on Facebook Messenger
The Uber Facebook Messenger Interface

Yes. What you heard is true. One tap and you can hail an Uber.

We're not kidding.

Partnering with Facebook Messenger, now Uber allows millions of users to request a ride with just a simple text on Messenger. You don't even need to download the Uber app itself or leave the Facebook Messenger tab. It's all done for you in one clean flow. Ride status updates or ride receipts are all sent to you through your private conversation on Messenger, making it easier for you to manage it all in one central location.

In order to request an Uber on your Facebook Messenger, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your phone so you can use the service on the platform.

There are different ways Uber allows you to order a ride on the app. You can tap on the address being sent to you on the map and put it on the request for an Uber; or, you can start a conversation with the Uber, then tap the car button on the menu section, and select the "More" icon.

And, that doesn't only work in your private inbox, but also in group chat. (Yep, shocker) Now, Uber introduced the new Share ETA feature where you can share your map location that you're currently at right now and let your friends hail an Uber to get there. So, for all of us who text our friends to say we're "on my way" when you're still watching Netflix in bed, Uber still got your back. Your friends can't possibly track where you are unless you share that information with them. (Pheww, almost destroyed a friendship.)

Uber is not only looking at the car-hailing service industry, but it's also aiming at the bigger picture – becoming the "all-in-one" app that users need. They want to involve in every aspect in user's daily lives to optimize the lifetime value of a customer – starting from getting movie tickets, booking hotel rooms to getting a plane ticket. They're trying to keep the users inside the app so as to reduce the customers churn as much as possible.

2. SnapTravel

Let's be real in here: we're all tired going from one hotel website to another finding the best deal you get on the table. The online travel startup delivers hotel-booking service over Facebook Messenger or SMS.

Whatever requests you want from the hotel – free Wifi, free breakfast, or any other service, all you need to do is to type it out on the chatbot and the bot can automatically suggest a bunch of recommendations for you like those on your Netflix watchlist. There's absolutely no need to calling the receptionist and have it "hold please" and "let me transfer to another line" ten times until you get what you want. It made the traveling experience easy for all the users out there.

SnapTravel Conversations on Facebook Messenger
Conversations with SnapTravel on Facebook Messenger

And the bot doesn't just end there. It goes from searching for the right hotel, purchasing the hotel rooms, and post-checkout, making your traveling experience absolutely hassle-free.

Since they're acquiring the users through a conversational channel like Facebook Messenger, its' users are more likely to be engaged throughout the entire journey. Users are being advertised through the in-app Sponsored Messages. If users didn't complete the entire transaction process, they reabsorb these batch of potential users by retargeting them on their messaging inbox directly.

This tactic successfully received a booming 30% increase in user acquisition, making Facebook Messenger one of the most effective channels to grow your users substantially.

3. HealthTap

I think we've all been to the same place: we have a really bad migraine, then we go to look up symptoms online and suspecting you have some rare diseases. Well, maybe it's smarter to consult a real doctor. HealthTap is the first medical platform on Facebook Messenger. It offers a range of health tech tools, online healthy educational content, and services for customers to choose whether they want to do it in the self-help way or by a specialized doctor.

Users can submit medical questions by typing out their symptoms and conditions on the chatbot. On the platform, there are 100,000 physicians across 141 specialties that help users to answer their medical queries. At a channel of the customers choosing – be it video visits, chat, or audio visits, paying customers can have unlimited medical advice or live consultation from doctors on either their mobile device or website browser.

HealthTap on Facebook Messenger

Since the Healthtap Facebook Messenger is using a chatbot that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, medical questions can be asked at any time of day. This makes it so that users can receive answers to simple questions instantly and complex questions can be answered by doctors at their convenience, making it flexible and convenient for both sides.

HealthTap was quite a huge success and was able to acquire a large user base simply by using send to messenger ads.

4. Whole Foods

Just like any other app that we've mentioned earlier, you can keep texting your friends plus ordering food and groceries at the same time without the trouble of swapping between apps. Instead, you can now do it all on Facebook Messenger.

In 2016 MobileBeat, Whole Foods' launched a Whole Foods Messenger bot, allowing users to look up for recipes, ingredients, and inspiration all within the Messenger app itself.

Whole Foods on Facebook Messenger
Whole Foods on Facebook Messenger

If you're unsure about the amount of ingredients you need to make a 4-person serving of casserole, that's okay too. There's a recipe database connected to the Whole Foods chatbot on Messenger. Users can tap into that database conversationally and search for any culinary information that they may need. This is perfect if you want to save the trouble or flipping through web pages. You can converse with the AI-powered chef directly by typing in the queries or even emojis in the chat box and within 3 seconds, you'll get your answers, making cooking easier than ever.

Since Facebook is pushing Facebook Messenger by making Send to Messenger ads cheaper, Whole Foods used this opportunity to acquire users and engage with them in a fun way.

5. Golden State Warriors

If you're a die-hard fan of the Warriors, then this post might just bless your basketball-watching experience this season.

Golden State Warriors on Facebook Messenger
Golden State Warriors on Facebook Messenger

In 2017, the warriors rolled out a new AI-powered messenger bot during NBA playoffs that gives you the ability to share the latest information of the game with all your friends. If you happen to get into a fight with friends about who knows more about the team, then this bot ready to stand up for you – just type out the questions or queries that you have in the chat, then it will automatically answer your questions in either individual or group chats that you have.

If no one has time to look up games or get the tickets, this bot has your back. Yeah, no kidding, all you have to do is just type out the seat you want. The bot can also help you buy jerseys or other merchandise.

If you miss the game, that's fine too. The virtual assistant provides you with the latest live updates on the game, player stats, highlights, and more.

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